Only The Brave [2017] ★★½

It’s difficult to know how to respond to a movie like “Only The Brave”. As a disaster film, it follows all the basic guidelines that we’ve come to expect from similar movies: heroism, excitement and a sense of real danger. As drama based on real life events, I thought the movie fell short. Josh Brolin is well cast as the head of an elite team of firefighters who work hard to stop wildfires from spreading. Brolin works well with the rest of the cast, which includes Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly and Andy McDowell. With an all-star, you’d expect an emotional ride, but I couldn’t connect to all these characters, up until the final 15 minutes when it was too late. It’s still a well-made film; beautifully shot and, at times, harrowing to watch. Director Joseph Kosinski wanted to pay tribute to these men who truly put their lives on the line, and no one is questioning his good intentions. I just wish I felt a deeper emotional connection to these characters prior to the climax. Either way, the movie is still well worth checking out, if only to learn more about these men and their heroic job.

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