Gerald’s Game [2017] ★★½

I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Netflix shows. Every now and then they drop a new movie (avoid “Death Note” at all costs), so naturally I was intrigued when Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” was up next. This isn’t an easy movie to endure, mainly because the story’s main character Jessie (Carla Gugino) spend most of the time handcuffed to the bed, with nobody around to save her. Allow me to explain: Her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) was attempting to rekindle the flames of their marriage with kinky sex games in a lake house. Gerald drops dead halfway through, leaving Jessie in a terrible situation. This kind of premise would lose its charm without actors who perform well beyond the call of duty. Gugino makes a sympathetic figure out of a woman with a haunted past. And Greenwood is equally good as a husband with demons of his own. If only the third act was as good as the rest of the movie. No matter. It’s these two actors who make something frightening out a movie that shouldn’t work as much as it does. If you love Stephen King, then consider “Gerald’s Game” worth checking out.

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