Death Note [2017] ★

If  you thought “Dragonball Evolution” wasn’t bad enough, wait till you get a load of “Death Note”, Netflix’s very own disaster. Based on a popular Japanese manga series, this live-action version gets almost everything wrong, despite an intriguing premise. Nat Wolff seems clueless as Light Turner, a high-school kid who finds a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. Sounds cool? For about 5 seconds. But Director Adam Wingard lets the fun drain out of “Death Note” very quickly. Things get confusing and disastrous as Light Turner finds himself pursued by a detective known as “L”. What starts as a cool concept quickly turns into a spectacle of bad CGI and horrible acting. I admire Netflix for what they’ve done with their series so far, but “Death Note” isn’t on par with any of these shows. Instead , it’s one the year’s worst films.

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