47 Meters Down [2017] ★★½

Want to see two sisters fight for their lives while trapped in a shark cage on the ocean floor? “47 Meters Down” is the movie for you. But while this nailbiter isn’t on par with “Jaws” or other movies of the same genre, it gets the job done by delivering an intense ride. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are vacationing in Mexico when they decide to try something extreme, just for the fun of it. Obviously things go south, stranding the two sisters 47 meters underwater, with nowhere else to go. Director Johannes Roberts throws everything at us, including sharks and a more or less chilling climax. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the overall result, mainly because I’ve seen it all before and there aren’t many surprises here. Still, I have to give Roberts credits for hooking us up with the B-movie tension we’ve come to expect from underwater films. That, and a pair of likable characters make “47 Meters Down” worth checking out.

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