Annabelle: Creation [2017] ★★★

Annabelle-CreationHorror buffs can relax: this second installment in the “Annabelle” series is constantly creepy and vastly superior to the first one. It seems that the people behind “Creation” learned from the mistakes of the first film by delivering a better story that reminds us why we fell in love with the Conjuring universe in the first place. Part of the movie’s success is that it takes place several years before the events of the first part, so we finally meet Annabelle’s creator, who lives with his wife and daughter in the middle of nowhere (think “Courage the Cowardly Dog”). When the daughter dies in a tragic accident, he decides to turn their home into an orphanage, welcoming a nun and several girls, who will soon meet the dollmaker’s “finest” creation: Annabelle. Look, I don’t usually ask much from a horror film. I want it to creep the shit out of me and “Annabelle: Creation” does exactly that. Director David F. Sandberg, following in James Wan’s footsteps, orchestrates some of the scariest horror sequences I’ve seen since last year’s terrific “Conjuring 2”. He can also tell a good story so that’s always a plus. “Creation”, generic as though it may sound, gets the job done by delivering non-stop thrills and a pulse-pounding climax. Safe to say, we finally got the Annabelle movie we deserve.

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