Inconceivable [2017] ★

It’s only July, but Nicolas Cage has already been in two movies that rank among the worst of the year: First, “Arsenal” back in February, and now “Inconceivable”, a laughably bad thriller that recycles every shitty cliché in the book. Cage is reduced to supporting role, but that doesn’t mean that the movie gets better when he’s not onscreen. In fact, it gets worse, as we meet Katie, a single mother who is supposedly escaping her abusive past by moving to a new town. There, she befriends Cage and his wife, who offer her a home. Later on we find out that…wait for it… Katie isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. Surprise! I’d call this a spoiler but plot twists this predictable defy spoiler alerts. There’s nothing that you haven’t seen before here, including that violent catfight you’ve seen in every Hollywood thriller with similar plot. Sigh. The year’s still young, but “Inconceivable” could easily win the award for “stupidest movie of the year” .

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