Spider-Man: Homecoming [2017] ★★★

 Ever since Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made a brief (but memorable) appearance in last year’s terrific “Captain America: Civil War”, Marvel fans were eager to see if this reboot could finally win them over again. I personally didn’t hate Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, but his movies were far from memorable. Which is why I’m happy to report that “Homecoming” could well be the best “Spider-Man” movie since 2004’s “Spider-Man 2”. You heard me. There’s only one reason why this reboot works so well, and his name is Tom Holland. This friendly, funny neighborhood guy gets the last laugh on the internet buzz that deemed him too “boyish” to play the role. Holland reinvigorates a tired franchise and he does it with an actor’s skill that puts you on notice that Spidey is really back in business. But first, the movie has to deal with Peter Parker’s teenage angst as he crushes on a girl from school while trying to prove himself to Tony Stark’s Iron Man, who may have plans for him in the future. But what about the movie’s villain? Michael Keaton, fresh-out of “Birdman”, plays (ironically) the villainous vulture, who happens to hate Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers. As the plot gets more serious as we move along, “Homecoming” never loses sight of the human element, and that’s where the movie scores points. There’s also a series of dazzling action sequences that truly kept me on the edge of my seat. Complaints? I honestly have none. I had a wonderful time watching “Homecoming”, and that’s enough to make me stick around, even for a sequel. As for Holland, he gives us Peter Parker in the act of inventing himself. This, you can’t miss. I cringed at the idea of yet another reboot. But boy was I wrong this time. This is “Spider-Man” at his finest.

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