Wonder Woman [2017] ★★★

 As far as origin stories go, “Wonder Woman” is pretty good. For starters, a comic book movie set during World War One offers the perfect opportunity to have an intriguing villain and cheer for the good guys as a result. Gal Gadot is once again well cast in the leading role, as she not only embodies the physical character but embraces her “heroine” side with complete conviction. What’s more, the cast is full of great actors, including David Thewlis, Robin Wright, and Chris Pine, who bring color to their characters almost effortlessly. Director Patty Jenkins and her screenwriters have made a significant course-correction for the DC cinematic universe, with a movie that is much more satisfying and enjoyable than its predecessors. Since this is an origin story, we get to learn more about Diana (Gadot), a trained warrior raised on a sheltered island paradise. When a pilot (Chris Pine) crashes on the island’s shore one day and reveals his true mission, Diana decides to leave her family to join the “war to end all wars”. From that moment on, the movie is heavily loaded with pulse-pounding action scenes and eye-popping visual effects, but it’s the chemistry between the two leads and the sharp dialogue inspired by them that make “Wonder Woman” worth seeing. There’s also comic relief, and given the “dark” tone of the previous DC movies, this comes as a pleasant surprise.

In sum, “Wonder Woman” preaches to its enormous choir of DC fans and should give them their money’s worth. I found it intriguing and involving, too. Bring on “Justice League”!

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