King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword [2017] ★★★

On paper, it looked tricky: Guy Ritchie (“Snatch”, “Sherlock Holmes”) directing a movie about King Arthur, the born King who was robbed of his birthright and was forced to grow up in the back alleys of Londinium. So I’m happy to report that “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” won me over. Although the story is familiar to most moviegoers, Ritchie gives it something extra special. As a result, this is one hell of a ride: fast-paced, action-packed, and very very funny. It isn’t easy to follow all the exposition the movie throws at us at first, as we follow Jude Law’s Vortigen rise to power, when he murdered his brother (Eric Bana) and took over the throne. But that’s all you really need to know to invest in the giant adventure that follows. And thank Goodness for Charlie Hunnam, who gives us rooting interest straight away. Many actors have played King Arthur in the past, but Hunnam knocks it out of the park with his charm and wit. Director Guy Ritchie, who cooked-up the script with Joby Harold and Lionel Wigram (his usual partner in crime), tells his story with the kind of “Snatch” feel that’s meant to blow your brains out. Needless to say, Ritchie fans are in for a treat. “Legend of the Sword” is also fueled with spectacular visual effects, but it’s the characters and the sharp dialogue that make the movie so enjoyable. And since this is an “origin story”, the ending leaves the door open for another installment. I, for one, cannot wait.

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