The Boss Baby [2017] ★★½

 Despite its paper-thin plot, there’s something charming and irresistible about “The Boss Baby”, starring Alec Baldwin as a baby spy on a secret mission. Sent from a company called “Baby Corp” as the newborn baby brother of 7 year old Tim, Boss Baby must keep his identity safe in order to stop a dangerous plot involving…puppies! What hooked me up right from the beginning is the clever and appealing character design. I can’t remember the last time I watched an animated movie involving such an unusual baby. What’s more, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin, and he makes the most of it, with clever dialogue and witty references. But “The Boss Baby” doesn’t exactly know what to do with its clever premise, so after a while, it runs out of steam and never truly recovers. So while I enjoyed watching Baldwin go crazy with his script, I can’t say the same about the overall result. Some animated features have staying power (at least for me). This one-joke feature is worth watching, no doubt about that, but it is very much like fast food, easily digested and just as easily forgotten.

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