Vengeance: A Love Story [2017] ★★

 I approach every Nicolas Cage movie with the same level of enthusiasm. Will it be as bad as the previous one? Maybe worse? Having suffered through “Arsenal” just a couple of months ago, I expected the worse here. So here’s the good news: “Vengeance” is a watchable mess. It’s still trash, but the kind of trash that can easily be digested on DVD, with pizza and some beer. So what makes this better than most of Cage’s recent flops? A coherent plot, for one. Cage plays a detective who decides to seek vengeance against the scumbags who gang raped a single mother in front of her daughter. Pretty straightforward stuff, featuring some cheesy acting and laughably bad dialogue. But judging from Cage’s recent portfolio, it could have been worse. As a result, “Vengeance” actually entertained me. So what if I hate myself in the morning?

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