Aftermath [2017] ★★

 A drama about loss and grief is the last thing I expected to see Arnold Schwarzenegger star in. And yet, it starts out well enough: a man (Schwarzenegger) is on his way to pick up his wife and daughter from the airport when he’s informed that their plane has crashed and that there are no survivors. Meanwhile, we learn that an air traffic controller’s error might have caused this tragic accident. Director Elliott Lester, veering between sentimentality and exploitation, fails to leave an impact, despite a solid start. And since we’re pointing fingers, what the hell is an action star doing in this? Schwarzenegger can kick ass while delivering cheesy one-liners, but his dramatic performance in “Aftermath” is laughably bad. A movie based on a tragic true story ought to leave you feeling emotionally devastated. The only thing I felt when the credits started rolling was relief. Lester’s good intentions are admirable, but what’s on screen is quite a mess. Sorry to say, “Aftermath” is a misfire.

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