Going In Style [2017] ★★½

It’s not groundbreaking, it has a good amount of “old people” jokes, but it’s also fun to watch. That’s “Going in Style” in a nutshell. Director Zach Braff has never worked with legendary actors before, but I think he’s done a good job, turning this predictable heist movie into a real crowd-pleaser. You can probably connect the dots just from seeing the trailer: three old pals (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin) are in financial trouble so they decide to team up and rob a bank. Simple. Straight to the point. This is formulaic stuff, to be sure, but all the actors seem to be having a wonderful time, New York has never looked better, and most important, the movie made me laugh. If you like heist movies or just looking to spend some time with three of the best actors of their generation, you’re probably the target audience for “Going In Style”. I anticipated an entertaining comedy, and that’s just what I got. Not many Hollywood movies deliver completely on their promise, but this one does.

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