Max Steel [2016] ★

 A flop in the United States and one of the worst reviewed movies of 2016, “Max Steel” is living proof that some Superheroes are worse than worthless. It not only scrapes the bottom of the superhero barrel; it bores its audience to death with a dull plot, a stupid hero, and a ridiculous villain, played by Andy Garcia (why, Andy, why?). Director Stewart Hendler, working from a surprise-free script by Christopher Yost, takes forever to get things going. And then the movie ends. I’m not kidding. There’s not one memorable moment in this disastrous piece of junk. Believe me, I counted. The plot follows a teenager (Ben Winchell, who looks 30) who discovers that he possesses a supernatural ability. Did I mention that he has a boring alien companion and together they form the superhero known as Max Steel? No need to. You’ll probably never see this movie and understandably so. There’s nothing about it worth recommending. That includes the cheap looking special effects that turn Max into a pile of junk. As for the movie itself, it’s a pile of shit.

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