T2 Trainspotting [2017] ★★★

 t2-trainspotting-uk-posterIt took writer John Hodge and director Danny Boyle 20 years to cook up a sequel to “Trainspotting”, one of the most talked about movies of the 90’s and a cult classic. Ewan McGregor, Johnny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremmer were in their mid-20’s when the first film was released. Now they’re all back in “T2”, which sounds risky in title (Terminator 2, anyone?) and concept. Surprise: it’s actually good. The film, and much like its predecessor, is beautifully shot and the actors bring their A game once again. A better than ever Ewan McGregor returns to Scotland after years abroad to reunite with his old friends. A lot has changed, but they all remain very much the same. “It’s just nostalgia! You’re a tourist in your own youth. We were young; bad things happened”, says Lee Miller’s Simon at some point. And that’s exactly what “T2” is all about: nostalgia, and a chance to catch up with familiar faces. Will it appeal to die-hard fans of the first film? Certainly. Will it win over newcomers? That’s debatable. Either way, Danny Boyle directs his characters with everything he’s got, as if they meant something. Thanks to him (and his actors), they do. “T2” is one of those rare sequels that works.

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