The Great Wall [2016] ★½

 thegreatwall-607875The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon as China’s last hope in their fight against some ancient creatures (huh?) is… how shall I put it? Cheesy. Ridiculous. A waste of talent. Damon traveled all the way to China to shoot this big budget production from director Zhang Yimou (“Hero”). He’s the lucky one. We have to suffer through 90 minutes of repetitive action scenes that can only be enjoyed if you’re watching it in IMAX. Worst of all is watching Matt Damon dodging death, cracking lousy one liners and pretending he’s in it for something more than a quick buck. Not a chance. Despite some impressive visual effects, “The Great Wall” has absolutely nothing else to offer. Even fans of the genre might find it tedious and just plain forgettable. Damon deserves better. And so do we.

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