Demain Tout Commence [2016] ★★★

 demain_tout_commenceOmar Sy has developed an irresistible persona as a comedian, which has served him well in such films as “Les Intouchables” and last year’s underrated “Chocolat”. In that context, his latest film, “Demain Tout Commence”, is a charming, funny and touching family melodrama with another winning performance by Sy. In short: it’s a crowd-pleaser. Sy plays an irresponsible man who spends most of his time partying and meeting women. One day, a woman carrying his baby shows up at his place then drives off almost immediately, leaving him with the infant. I know the trailer spoils most of what happens next but just in case you’ve never seen it, I won’t say a word. But I will tell you that writer Eugenio Derbez and director Hugo Gelin make this comedy-drama genuinely touching at times. They unashamedly inject their film with moments that are meant to stir up your emotions. I knew I was getting my buttons pushed, but I still went along for the ride and had a good time watching the story unfold. If you’re a sucker for french movies and Omar Sy in particular, consider “Demain Tout Commence” a must see.

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