Ouija: Origin Of Evil [2016] ★★½

ouija-origin-of-evilIf you saw the horrible first movie back in 2014, then you’re probably trying to avoid this prequel, and understandably so. But to be completely honest, “Origin of Evil” is a much scarier film. For one, it has a decent story to tell and a genuinely creepy atmosphere. Sure it borrows a lot from “The Conjuring” and other successful horror movies, but unlike its predecessor, this one actually works. The events this time around take place in 1965, where a widowed mother and her two daughters start using a Ouija board to make their seance scam business seem more genuine. Big mistake. Soon enough, they invite a real evil entity into their home and let’s just say that all hell breaks loose. The reason you won’t hate this prequel is that writer director Mike Flanagan has given us many reasons to care for these characters and that’s always essential. In a year filled with successful horror films, “Ouija: Origin of Evil” will probably remain overshadowed by the likes of “Lights out” and “Conjuring 2”, but it has what it takes to satisfy any fan of the genre. I know I was.

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