The Accountant [2016] ★★★

 accposterIt could have been a straightforward action movie with nothing new to offer, but “The Accountant” has a lot to offer, including a memorable performance from its leading man: Ben Affleck. He plays an accountant, but not your average accountant. Away from his boring job at a CPA office, he freelances as an accountant for some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world. One look at him and you recognize that you are dealing with a character who is larger than life. And that’s one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed “The Accountant”. But like a good puzzle, the less you know at first, the better. The film has many hidden secrets and director Gavin O’Connore (who directed the superior “Warrior”) will keep you guessing at every turn. There are many colorful characters, perhaps too many. But it’s always a pleasure to have J.K Simmons around as a Treasury Department crime chief tracking down our man. Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow make good  impressions as well. But this is Ben Affleck’s show all the way, and he nails it. If you can get past the confusing first 30 minutes, I can guarantee you that “The Accountant” has many pleasant surprises in store. My lips are sealed. Do not miss it.

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  1. You’ve gone soft man. While it was a good watch, ben affleck could have done a far better job portraying an autistic character than he did. The kid who played the young accountant did a better job in that regard. The ending’s final revelation was a surprise, and a good one, but the movie had way too many predictable moments.
    It is a nice movie to watch, and not the classic action movie, but i wouldnt praise ben affleck the way you did, and it was lacking genuine surpise moments.
    Wa shokran!

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