Jack Reacher: Never Go Back [2016] ★★

 jackreacher2It’s the curse of the sequels all over again. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and “Independence Day: Resurgence” earlier this year, and now “Never Go Back”, the sequel to 2012’s “Jack Reacher also starring Tom Cruise. The first film wasn’t innovative in any way, but it was a highly entertaining action thriller and I genuinely enjoyed it. What’s more, it had an intriguing story, which is more than I could say about this forgettable second installment. On the bright side, Tom Cruise is still a pleasure to watch as Jack Reacher, who finds himself this time around accused of a murder he did not commit. Of course he’ll go on the run. Of course bad guys will go after him. Of course he’ll kick some ass along the way. You’ve seen it all before. It’s not just this sense of déjà vu that makes this film less memorable than its predecessor, but it doesn’t help. So there you have it: an action film with less than impressive action sequences, a plot that plays its cards much too early, and good actors doing their best to keep the movie afloat. All of this caused my mind to start wandering, which is not the point of a movie that is supposed to keep me on the edge of my seat.

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