Inferno [2016] ★★½

14520526_1504560359570116_5878860294931065967_nIt’s been a decade since Ron Howard’s big screen adaptation of the controversial “The Da Vinci Code” hit theaters and was met with a negative reaction from critics and audiences alike. “Angels & Demons” followed in 2009 and despite its muddled plot, it was a much more superior film. Now the third installment (once again starring the great Tom Hanks) is here and it delivers exactly what you would expect from it: another race against the clock filled with secrets, clues and beautiful locations, which is all to the good. Since we’re already familiar with Professor Robert Langdon (Hanks), the movie opens with him waking up in an Italian hospital with amnesia. That’s when Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) decides to help him recover his memories. Short version: there’s a deadly plot to wipe out the entire human race and Hanks is” humanity’s last hope”. While trying to decipher the clues, the movie threatens to go off the rails several times, and does. Through it all, Hanks keeps us glued to the thoughts going on inside Langdon’s head. Needless to say, he owns the role and the movie would literally be nothing without him. In a year filled with crappy remakes and disappointing sequels, “Inferno” earns what passes as high praise: it doesn’t suck.

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