The Girl On The Train [2016] ★½

 girlontrainposterFrom the trailer and synopsis you would think this is a solid thriller, much like David Fincher’s “Gone Girl” in which Ben Affleck’s wife disappears without a trace. But from the opening scene, something was off. “The Girl On The Train” is a tedious film; badly scripted, awkwardly acted, and just downright ridiculous at times. Emily Blunt gives us no reason whatsoever to root for her character. She plays a divorced woman who spends most of her time “spying” on people and fantasizing about a perfect couple. She’s also an alcoholic, which makes things even worse for her when a woman is murdered and she becomes a prime suspect. But did she really kill her? Director Tate Taylor tries to get the best from his actors, but everything else, from the overstuffed plot to the predictable finale, is a bust. David Fincher pulled off this kind of mystery in high style with the superior “Gone Girl”. Taylor is hamstrung by a script that plays its cards much too early and by a bunch of unlikable characters. At the end, almost nothing sticks.

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