Blair Witch [2016] ★½

blair-witch-2016-trailer-posterOriginally promoted as “The Woods”, the people behind this piece of shit of a movie later on revealed the “shocking” news: this  was indeed a sequel to the surprise hit “The Blair Witch Project”. Clever stunt. I just wish the movie itself lived up to its hype. In trying to replicate the success of the first film (I’m not even going to mention the crappy “Blair Witch 2”), director Adam Wingard throws everything at us, from shaky cameras to endless “boo” moments. And yet, nothing really sticks. Is it because we’ve seen it all before? You betcha. The plot this time around focuses on a group of friends who set out to look for the missing girl from the first movie. Bad move. You know the drill: they crack jokes about it at first. Enter the woods. Sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly it’s a nightmare. And so is the movie. From the amateur writing and directing to the shock-free finale, this “Blair Witch” will have you looking for the nearest exit. And it sure as hell won’t be because of terror.

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