The Light Between Oceans [2016] ★★★

 light-between-oceans-the-key-artFilmmaker Derek Cianfrance has already proven himself so many times with movies like “Blue Valentine” and “The Place Beyond The Pines”. Here’s a director who knows exactly how to tell a story, and his latest effort, “The Light Between Oceans”, is completely immersive. It charts the destiny of a couple, played by Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, and the people around them. It’s ambitious and extremely well acted, to say the least, but I think it works because it’s honest. Telling you about the plot without giving too much away is tricky. Fassbender plays a soldier who’s seen too much during WWI. He meets and falls in love with Vikander, who agrees to marry him and join him on an isolated island. Following a couple of miscarriages, their life take an unexpected turn. No fair in revealing more, but I will say that the film poses several moral questions and that’s what makes it consistently compelling. Cianfrance has cast his film so well, offering juicy parts to Fassbender, Vikander and Rachel Weisz. What’s more, Adam Arkapaw’s cinematography is striking at every turn, and Alexandre Desplat’s score is hauntingly beautiful. As someone who loves quietly devastating dramas, I immediately warmed to “The Light Between Oceans”. It’s not flawless, but it held me spellbound from start to finish.

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