Mechanic: Resurrection [2016] ★½

 MECHANICteaserposterIn an era of sequels and reboots, I ask Hollywood a very important question: who the hell ordered this one? If you paid to see Jason Statham kick ass in the lousy 2012 action flick “The Mechanic” and can’t wait to see “Resurrection”, then you’re craving movie punishment and I can’t help you. Statham reprises his role as Arthur Bishop, a hit man who finds himself forced to assassinate three of the most dangerous men in the world in order to save the woman he loves (Jessica Alba). The rest is strictly routine and that’s part of the problem. If the movie, clumsily directed by Dennis Gansel, has any sign of life, it comes from Tommy Lee Jones, who has an amusing role as a gun dealer. As for Jason Statham , you might want to scream “make it stop!” every time he opens his mouth. That’s how bad “Mechanic: Resurrection” is. As for future sequels, please make them stop!

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