Bad Moms [2016] ★★½

 bad-moms-posterSurprise: it isn’t bad. A Hangover type of movie featuring moms. Bad moms. Terrible moms. I’m talking Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and an absolutely hilarious Kathryn Hahn, who are crazy fun company. They’re also under-appreciated moms who can’t seem to catch a break. What to do? Ditch all responsibilities and have a crazy good time. Credit writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore for keeping the laughs going despite the paper thin plot. You expect hardcore hilarity from a movie called “Bad Moms”, and you get it, even if it all seems familiar. But beneath all this craziness is a “soft” message about the need for family in our lives. Does it undermine the point of the movie? Not at all. “Bad Moms” delivers exactly what it promises. Hell, even guys might actually have a good time watching this. I know I did.

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  1. I love bad movies, but I thought this was BAD… I chuckled a couple of time, but jesus christ what was up with the slow motion close up shots like it’s some action movie with bullets flying around -_-

    • hahaha oh come on it was silly but entertaining. I had no idea what to expect from it and I didn’t mind watching it at all. But I agree the slow motion close ups were too much for one movie.

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