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Suicide Squad [2016] ★★★

DigitalPoster W2000xH2964px SuicideSquadFunny. Exciting. Fast-paced. Action packed. “Suicide Squad” is all of these and more. The premise and the cast couldn’t be more appealing, which wouldn’t matter a damn if the execution lacked inspiration. It doesn’t. Instead, the movie is a blast, even when the plot doesn’t always stay on track. DC fanboys probably know what they’re in for, which means it’s up to writer/director David Ayer to give newcomers a reason to stick around. Relax. Every single character, from Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, to Will Smith as Deadshot, are well developed. Their job? They’re super villains. Or better yet, a “Suicide Squad”, assigned by a secret government agency led by Viola Davis to execute impossible tasks in exchange for shorter prison sentences. Wait what? People buying tickets to watch anti-heroes trying to save the world? Once again, relax. They might be bad guys, but you’ll find yourself rooting for every single one of them. And once the introduction is over, the action intensifies without let-up. Guns, fist fights, explosions. You just have to pick a favorite character. Harley Quinn? Deadshot? El Diablo? Jared Leto as the Joker perhaps?  With so many plot threads and character arcs to deal with, it can get confusing at times. But I’ve always said that in order to invest in a superhero movie, we have to relate to the main characters and believe that something is at stake. Ayer gives us all of that and more, in a movie that clocks in at 2 hours but never seems long. Will there be a sequel? That’s a given. Meanwhile, “Suicide Squad” brings the fun, the excitement and the spectacular action scenes. It might not be the greatest superhero movie ever made, but it’s still a winner in my book.

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The official trailer

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  1. Since I’m very into dark badass characters, this review definitely convinced me to go see the movie. The only thing that made me hesitate about seeing it is the whole “mainstream superhero comics” cinematic adaptation, but hey as long as it’s DARK, why not? 😉
    Good review, thumbs up.

  2. Saw the movie yesterday and was completely underwhelmed… For some of the characters I even forgot why they were there: the boomerang guy??!! Croc? (very similar to the fantastic four guy) katana!!? didn’t find myself rooting for any of them; it just felt that the movie was over packed with useless “villains”. My favorite characters were probably Waller and Quinn. The worst is the enchantress! usually in superhero movies I tend to wait for the supervillian (Joker (Ledger, Nickolson) Magneto (Fassbender) Dr Octopus (Molino) …). Cara Delevingne sucked at it and is probably one of the worst villain characters I’ve ever seen.

  3. So I watched it yesterday and I think the trailers are so much better than the movie. There were a lot of unnecessary characters like Boomerang and the other guy yalli ftara 3aleh and got an explosion in his throat while trying to escape. Also it felt like another Will Smith movie … I saw Will Smith’s face more than the Joker’s and it is just wrong. Not to forget Clint Eastwood’s son … why? just why? 😛
    Cara was great portraying the Enchantress and I kinda got Akasha from Queen of the Damned vibes from her … but its ok!
    Ms. Wallace is a gangster ass hoe … i do not want to mess with her.
    El Diablo’s story is sad bruh!
    Overall I wish there were more Harley and Joker scenes.
    thanks for the review!
    i would still put a 3/4

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