Habbet Loulou [2013] ★★

habbet-loulou-posterWhat were they thinking? I kept asking myself that question as I plodded through the watchable but pointless first hour of this new Lebanese comedy/drama. Why bother naming your movie “Habbet Loulou” if the movie itself isn’t worthy of its title? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that writer director Layal M.Rajha simply wanted to transplant the issues of illegitimate children and prostitution into a crowd pleasing movie filled with comedic moments. Fair enough, as a commercial proposition but you still ought to provide the audience with someone to root for, and this lumbering screenplay offers nothing but unlikable characters. The movie has the right look and feel, but not the right lady in the leading role. Zeina Makki looks good but she isn’t convincing. What’s more, the story has no resonance and when it’s all over, we haven’t learned much or been left with anything to chew on. “Habbet Loulou” has received praise from several people but I found it pointless and too bleak for my taste, right up through the predictable ending.

Rating: 2/4

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