Warm Bodies [2013] ★★½

warm-bodies-poster-ew-brandedComparing “Warm Bodies” to “Twilight” doesn’t do this movie justice. Unlike “Twilight”, this is a larger-than-life zombie yarn with special effects and a sense of humor. It isn’t my favorite kind of entertainment, but writer-director Jonathan Levine (who won us over with his 2011 movie “50/50”) has brought an appealing cast to the story adapted from Isaac Marion’s novel. Nicholas Hoult, the lead zombie, is an extremely likable actor (check him out as a child in “About a Boy”). Hoult narrates the story and lays out its premise for us since he’s a zombie and can barely speak. Anyway his name is “R” (don’t ask) and he and his dead buddies hang at an abandoned airport. On a raid, the zombies attack some human rebels. R ends up eating the brains of a guy named Perry (Dave Franco) and absorbs his memories. This draws him to Julie (Teresa Palmer), Perry’s girlfriend. Could this be love? The story couldn’t  be thinner, but the sheer likability of the actors make this one enjoyable and even funny at times. But just as you realize where it’s headed, the pace slows down (deliberately, I presume) and the filmmaker asks his audience to be patient as he leads us to his somehow predictable conclusion. But I’m not going to complain because overall “Warm Bodies” is good enough for what it is. And unlike many zombie flicks, it delivers exactly what it promises.

Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. Hey, i think his name R has somehow a relation with the fact that shes names juliet, as in Romeo and juliet.. when she stands on the balcony and sees him looking at her, it got to me 😀

  2. =O I read Marion’s book and I enjoyed it A LOT. I’ve been stalking all news about this movie and I still can’t believe they haven’t released it on the big screen where I live, although IMDB stated February 2nd. Seeing that you rated it 2.5 drops my expectations for the movie a bit. I trust your reviews and ratings but I was hoping this movie would do a little better. Still, since I haven’t really seen the movie, I can’t say more than that.

    P.S. You should read the book if you get the chance. It’s a worthy read and it’s relatively short.

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